Installing a Gas Furnace

Most of us never give our furnace a second thought, until there is a problem with it. A furnace never chugs to a stop in the middle of July, mainly because it is not in use at the time. But, when a furnace gasps its last, in the middle of January there are some serious problems. Because a furnace rarely gives a lot of warning before it just up and dies, it is best to consider upgrading it before that happens. During the winter months the heating and cooling crews can be extraordinarily busy trying to keep systems up and running and you might be without heat for a few days. If that is the case, you will other issues to worry about as well. It is time to consider replacing and upgrading a furnace system if:

  • Your furnace is twenty years old or older.
  • The last season it was run it made clanking, shuddering or squealing sounds
  • It has not been as efficient as it normally was.
  • The system has not been properly maintained or the maintenance has fallen off in recent years.
  • There has been an addition added to the home.

If you have any concerns about the health of your home furnace, have it inspected by a certified technician who will let you know whether it can be tuned up and run a few more years or it is time to replace your furnace.

If it is necessary to replace your furnace make sure that you get the right unit .

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